nobody dances around coconut trees, believe me.

fair, wheatish complexion. docile, domesticated, dancer. childbearing hips. by logical conclusion will make good wife.

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Friday, May 01, 2009


11:06 AM
it's going to be my last week at uni. after four years of unibashing and whining and grumbling, i think i am going to miss this place. including the motherland with its share of dubious characters. (:

BUT i'll always have something to remember my college days. i'll be constantly reminded - when i wake up in the morning, work or go to sleep, i'll see it. i'm going to take back something permanent and irreversible and irreplaceable that will undeniably lead me to reminisce about the days when i was still a child.

my eyebags. yipeee.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

far from geek

9:07 AM
i'm addicted to beauty and the geek - it's ridiculous how these girls are that stupid and how (s0me of) the men are that socially inept. it's also amazing how fantabulous (most of) the men look after makeovers that suddenly make them that much more attractive.

in the most recent episode i watched, the test topic of the week for the men was understanding and appreciating women. they were tested on their ability to listen to women, and ignore the fact that she was naked. tough!

totally unrelated - i realise now that H is well versed in the art of interpreting women (i.e me). you know how no one can figure out when no means yes and when yes means no? he has. YAY. he should get 250 000.

H: white over red wine right? (meaning: i have no clue what you drink but i am going to make it sound like i do)
me: (thinks: good evasion! and answers) neither. rose! why you by me wine! don't waste money hahaha
H: i'm going to take that to mean it's expensive but buy me one anyway.
me: omg how does he know!

lol. i have to get more complicated.


Friday, March 13, 2009

i told myself not to blog about dr*v**g

10:35 PM
but today was funny/interesting/weird. i had the most perverse conversation with my driving instructor (kinda like what ash, me and ni would discuss perhaps 1 or 2 years ago) once he realised that i was thick skinned enough to listen and react to his rubbish. not going to discuss entire conversation - let's just say R21.

also, it was the first time a manjan called me sarakku. wait - make that the first time anyone's called me sarakku. lol.

also the first time i couldn't do the S course! AH die.


Friday, March 06, 2009

did you know

12:25 AM
that apparently, temples are a great place to pick up girls? i'm thinking from a man's perspective, temples are where you meet the nice, homely types that you can bring home to your mum. and since the girl of interest would probably be dressed decently it would also mean she is not a skank. and it would mean that every month she's fast for your good health and long life.

religion could be the new SDU wooo.

in other random news, my gluteus maximus has disappeared. it's as if whatever was on my butt has moved to my gut. wth!


Monday, March 02, 2009


8:49 AM
fuck, midsem's OVER. which means i (inshallah) graduate in 6 to 8 weeks and become an adult. that sucks.

funny, i actually managed to finish all that i set out to do during the break. god, i have no social life =( that sucks.

you suck. everybody sucks. GAH i wish i could return to teenage immaturity again. boohoo.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


1:21 PM
without a doubt, girls find men who are married (kids optional), intelligent and talented sexy, simply because they are unattainable.

i had a crush on one such man in my first year (KPT! haha) and i discovered number 2 today. once i was told he was a father of 2, BAM he became that much sexier. (wind knocked out of you) oof. if that's how he looks when he's in his forties, i'm not stopping dance and i'm starting yoga. i feel like a secondary school girl, and now all i want to do is stare, giggle, gape and impress. suddenly dancing is emotionally stressful hahaha.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

do you realise

10:00 PM
that the people you dislike are usually people that you wish you were like, or people that are like you?

doesn't that freak you out?!